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Business Contracts

Small Business Owners:

Let’s get your business contracts in order!

Pre-Paid Flat Fees

Understand your obligations.

Limit your risks.

Sign with confidence.

Contract Creation

* Sales Contracts Have Business Contracts in Place to Sell Your Products

* Services Agreement Use Your Agreement to Manage Your Customers

* Operating Agreement ~ Govern LLC Members / Organize How the LLC Operates 

* Non-Competes & Buy-Sell Protect Your Equity – Manage Incoming & Exiting Partners

* NDAs / Confidentiality Protect Data & Information Valuable to Your Business

* Website Terms and Conditions Put Terms & Conditions on Your Website 

* Templates, Forms And More!

Contract Editing & Negotiation

When presented with a contract full of legalese get attorney review before signing on the last line.  Here are some questions to consider:

–> Do you understand the terms and what they mean for your business?

–> What do you guarantee (or not guarantee) and expect in return? 

–> Is the contract in favor of the other party?

–> What are your liabilities?

The attorney will review the contract and discuss the terms with you, answer your questions and make requested changes.

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