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Flat Fees, Pre-Paid – Plan Ahead

Attention Small Business Owners!

Are you uninterested in standard law firm hourly billing?

Do you prefer to know what you will pay for your legal services?

Just starting out and want reasonable prices with personalized service?

If you answered yes to the above, you are the perfect candidate for pre-paid, flat fee billing!

Unlike traditional law firm hourly billing, pre-paid flat fees deliver costs upfront.  These fees are typically much lower than hourly billing rates that total hundreds per hour.  Flat fees enable small business owners to estimate expenses and plan ahead.  

I deliver services electronically and provide consulting by phone so there is no need for lengthy, expensive office visits and over-billing, saving you time and money! 

This practice mostly uses flat fees to deliver quality legal services at affordable prices.  This enables both small business owners and the attorney more time and leverage to deliver better services.   

Convinced, yet? Great! Take a look at the firm’s price list to the right —–> and be sure to visit the form a business, business counsel and contracts pages for a description of the services with prices.

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